Permaculture Ethics and Principles

The ideas of Permaculture was developed and systematised in the early 1990’s by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. The system is essentially common sense with a few guidelines of self evident principles that we sometimes forget when living in a world where everything is done for us by a faceless corporation or government that usually has its own best interests at heart and not ours.  This is especially true in relation to our food.  Here in Derby

Good Resources:

Permaculture Designers Manual            

by Bill Mollison                

Published by Tagari Press

Is the essential text book published in 1988 is still the framework of Permaculture Design Courses

currently held throughout the world.

Holgren - a site giving more explanations and examples of these principals

An excellent history can be found Pacific Edge History of Permaculture

Fuller explanations can be found through any search engine.


Food Forest

Windjana Wellness and sustainability food forest